Dorado Boat Gets Audio, Lighting, and SeaDek® Upgrades

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Maverick Fishing Boat Gets Customized With SeaFoam Green SeaDek®, Power Pole, Garmin, JL Audio, Shadow Caster Lighting, Lumitec, Bocatech Switches, and more
August 21, 2023
Full view of customized boat on trailer. Hydra Sports boat.
Hydra-Sports Boat: Seats, Stereo, SeaDek®, and More
July 12, 2023
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Upgraded Dorado with custom upholstery, upgraded lighting, and next level audio.

Audio Installation

Custom installed Marine Subwoofer, JL Audio 7.7 inch Marine Coaxial Speakers with Transflective™ LED Lighting, 8.8 inch Marine Coaxial Speakers, and a Marine System Amplifier.


A New Horizon of Illumination: The Shadow Caster SCR 24 Series Lights

The allure of the sea under the stars can be enchanting, and the Shadow Caster SCR 24 Series lights are designed to capture that magic. With multi-color capabilities, these lights can transform the boat’s surroundings into a canvas of vibrant colors, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for nighttime excursions. From soothing blues to vivid reds, the lighting possibilities are as diverse as the sea itself.

Shadow Caster SCR 24 Series lights installed, with multi color lights, and also with Surge Protection, Reverse Polarity Protection, and Thermal Throttling Protection.
Surge Protection
Navigating the waters requires both beauty and security. That’s why the incorporation of Surge Protection in this lighting upgrade is crucial. Unpredictable weather conditions or power fluctuations can pose a threat to electronic components. Surge Protection acts as a safeguard, preventing sudden voltage spikes from damaging the lights or other sensitive equipment on board.

Reverse Polarity Protection

In the dynamic world of boating, the installation of equipment can sometimes result in incorrect wiring. With Reverse Polarity Protection in place, the Shadow Caster SCR 24 Series lights can withstand incorrect wiring connections without sustaining damage. This protection ensures that the lights continue to operate flawlessly even in situations where wiring mistakes could have proven disastrous.

Thermal Throttling Protection
The marine environment can be demanding, subjecting equipment to varying temperatures. To maintain optimal performance and longevity, the inclusion of Thermal Throttling Protection is essential. This protection mechanism monitors the temperature of the lights and adjusts their output to prevent overheating. This not only ensures consistent performance but also enhances the lights’ lifespan.

A Symphony of Light and Protection
With the installation of the Shadow Caster SCR 24 Series lights and the incorporation of advanced protections, this boat underwent a remarkable transformation. As the sun sets and the stars emerge, the boat now becomes a beacon of color and elegance on the water, drawing attention and admiration.


Custom Diamond Cut SeaDek® Marine Flooring, Seats, and Cushions.

Custom Upholstery

Custom upholstery and center console with Double Stitch Diamonds seats.


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