Maverick Fishing Boat Gets Customized With SeaFoam Green SeaDek®, Power Pole, Garmin, JL Audio, Shadow Caster Lighting, Lumitec, Bocatech Switches, and more

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Transforming a Blue Nautique 211 Boat with Sound System Upgrades and Custom Fabrication
August 24, 2023
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Dorado Boat Gets Audio, Lighting, and SeaDek® Upgrades
August 21, 2023

Never a bad day of fishing in this customized Maverick Fishing boat, loaded with upgrades. Starting with fully customized SeaDek® sidewalls, flooring, center console, with custom graphic cut outs and custom upholstery. Also, we added a Bimini Top, a speaker system upgrade, a custom built center console with screens and lighting built in.



Custom graphic cutouts from SeaDek®

Setting Sail with SeaDek®: A New Level of Comfort

Navigating the waters can be both exhilarating and soothing. To make the experience even more enjoyable, we embarked on the journey of upgrading a boat’s flooring with SeaDek®, a premium marine flooring solution. SeaDek® offers a soft and comfortable surface that transforms the boat’s interior into a space of luxurious relaxation. Whether it’s lounging in the sun or moving around the boat, SeaDek® adds an extra layer of comfort that enhances the entire experience.

Innovative Utility: The SeaDek® Ruler for Measuring Fish

Beyond comfort, a Maverick boat became a haven for anglers with an innovative addition – the SeaDek ruler. This practical solution not only enhances the fishing experience but also adds a touch of convenience. The SeaDek ruler is more than just a measurement tool; it’s a connection to the sport of fishing itself. As anglers reel in their catch, they can easily measure their success right on the boat, creating memories that are marked by both the thrill of the catch and the convenience of technology.

Custom Built Center Console and Tower

We built this center console fully custom and embedded technology inside. This center console has a built in touch screen chartplotter and stereo head unit. We also custom powder coated the tower and the upholstery.

Lighting and Sound System

Sound system from JL Audio. Lightbar by Razor Lumitec and LED's by Shadow Caster.
Nestled within the center console, this lightbar brought illumination that was as functional as it was stunning. With razor-sharp precision, the lightbar lit up the boat’s surroundings, extending the journey into the night. The waters beneath seemed to come alive with a magical glow, marking a passage into the unknown with a touch of luminous brilliance.

Chartplotter Upgrade

New features from Garmin
8600 Series 12 In Touchscreen IPS Multi-Function Display Chartplotter/ Sonar Combo, BlueChart G3 and LakeVu. It was also given an Airmar B75m thru hull transducer and a newly installed BocaTech Switchboard.
More about BocaTech Here
Custom Designed Center Console and Bocatech Switchboard
The fully custom-built center console is fully integrated with acrylic cutouts that showcased the new switch panel. Our fabricators also custom made the fibroglass console top for the the chartplotter and radio screens. These cutouts weren’t just functional; they were a testament to design precision. The navigation screen, a gateway to charting new horizons, a connection to the world beyond the waters, were elegantly embedded within the console pod. This arrangement ensured that vital information was readily available without disrupting the boat’s aesthetic. The Bocatech switch board found its home within the center console, the boat’s interior look took on a new dimension. The center console became a command center, where every function was at the boater’s fingertips. The beauty of the switches aligned perfectly with the boat’s aesthetics, creating an environment that was both inspiring and intuitive.

Bimini Top Cover

Crafting Comfort: The Importance of a Bimini Top Cover
A bimini top cover isn’t just a practical accessory; it’s a gateway to comfortable leisure. It provides a haven from the sun’s intensity while allowing boaters to savor the surrounding beauty without worry. In the heart of the open waters, the bimini top cover becomes a retreat, a place where conversations flow, meals are shared, and moments are cherished. We custom installed a new bimni top for this skiff boat.

Custom Upholstery and Fabrication

We gave this Maverick custom made upholstery for maximum comfort out on the water.
This boat has all new, custom powder coated frame, custom upholstery seats and armrests.
The tower around the engine was custom powder coated too.

Power Poles and Trolling Motor

This customer asked for a new trolling motor and a shallow anchor system both from Power Pole. The Move PV trolling motor was chosen. Power Pole scoured every inch of standard trolling motors for reoccurring failure points unacceptable to top anglers. This allowed us to reinforce MOVE with backup systems on top of backup systems, on top of even more backup systems, in just the right places, to maximize resiliency. All because we know seasoned anglers demand the most out of their trolling motor and live by them every day. The ultimate game-changer in Total Boat Control, MOVE PV has been crafted with almost a decade’s worth of hard work and dedication from Power-Pole. This next-gen brushless trolling motor is designed to deliver unparalleled power, impressive durability and extreme efficiency – all while operating with near absolute silence.